Refreshing Summer Strawberry Smoothie

Serves 1 person*

This is a refreshing strawberry smoothie with hints of lemon,perfect for any time of the year. It is also super easy and only uses a couple of ingredients!

You can make this for yourself or make it for two people*

also add a strawberry on the side of the glass to make it look fancy. Even though its actually really easy!



– Half a banana (optional)

– squeeze of lemon juice

-Any juice of your choice

How to Make the smoothie:

  1. Fill upyour blender with 1/2 a cup of fresh strawberries (we where lucky and got to pick ours straight from the farm!

2.  Add half a banana (optional)

3.  Pour in a splash of juice

4.  A little squeeze of lemon

And you’re done, Enjoy your smoothie!

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.36.12 Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.36.31







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Living Without a Kitchen? Part 1





Living without a kitchen? You read it right!

For about 2-3 weeks me and my family have been living without a kitchen , we’ve had the old kitchen taken out and during the time it took to get the new one up and running we’ve had no kitchen. It felt weird not having a fridge, oven, or even a tap! For our main meals we had to go down to my grandparents house. We also spent a lot of money on bottled water because we had no water source, That felt odd too.

The kitchen is almost finished now and we’re into our 3rd week, We’ve now got a tap and a oven and most things you would expect to have in a kitchen. Just some bits and bobs need to be put into place and the walls need to be painted…

We can finally cook meals again! The awesome new “hide and slide” oven is installed and most of the kitchen is finished, some final touches and I can film a video in the kitchen, Hooray!



Small kitchen? 5 steps to organize!

Trying to make your kitchen ideal? I know it can be hard, we have a small kitchen and sometimes it can be frustrating seeing other kitchens with big island hundreds of little storage spaces and gorgeous tiles, top of the range ovens, massive fridges… everything!

But not to worry! I can help you make the most of your kitchen. OK, I’m not saying I can transform it into the big, luxurious, amazing kitchen you dreamed of… BUT I can give you tips, sneaky tricks and advice on how to make your kitchen that little bit more… what would you say… oh yeah, AWESOME!


1. Fridge baskets/bins

This is  a method that organises your fridge  and makes it way easier to find things.
don’t have baskets? why not use a lazy susan! you know those things that spin round:

they spin around so you can easily get to things!
they spin around so you can easily get to things!
clear fridge baskets


2. Re-use magazine racks!

Use your old magazine racks to store fruit and veggies, bottles of juice,dish towels. Anything really!

Very simple and handy + it makes your kitchen look nice and organize!

...or Like this, cling film lying around? not anymore!
or you could use these things and put other stuff in them


3.Paint, pAiNt, PAINT!

Decorate your utensils and appliances. How cute! Now you can cook, cut and bake in style.

It’s simple, all you have to do is find some waterproof paint (colour is your choice) and get painting!

You could paint edges of cutting boards, ends of wooden spoons, it’s up to you! have fun with it.

( pictures from Pinterest )


 pictures found on pinterest






Want to get even more dedicated to all that painting? paint the cupboard (a.k.a. cabinets)!

credit … wow see the difference?

4.DIY menu board!

Ok, this one is WAY easier than it seems. trust me.

so cool!











Right then, there’s 3 steps:

1.Go to the dollar/pound/euro store and buy some picture frames, nothing fancy just make sure

they have glass on them

2. Buy coloured card (if you want a colourful backround)

3. Grab a white board pen and write the menu!

told you it was simple! :)


5. Use mason Jars to organize!

Mason jars are a cute looking way to organize  your  “bits and bobs” for example:

Cup cake holders

Wooden spoon


Sugar, salt

Tea Bags (etc…)





Thanks for reading this! If you prefer watching video tutorial click here to see our youtube channel,


comment below if you want more how to’s, byeee! 😀

3 Spooky Homemade Halloween Snacks!

homemade halloween snacks

I figured that since it is getting pretty close to Halloween (hooray!), I would make a series of different articles about Halloween   (e.g. Halloween treats, spooky DIY home decor, costume ideas etc…)  So here we go with article 1 of my #spookyseason Halloween articles!

1. Simple Gravestone/Tombstone Treat

picture credit

You will need >>

  • Oreo cookies
  • Smooth plain biscuit
  • Gummy worm(s)
  • Cup/mug
  • plastic sandwich bag (with no sandwich inside)
  • cake decoration icing

There really are many ways to make this delicious treats, but I am showing you the way I find the easiest!

Start off by putting about 9 Oreo cookies in a plastic sandwich bag, sealing it off well. Next you want to get a rolling pin and start smacking those cookies until they are nice and grounded up!  (like the texture of sugar), Now fill up your cup with this.

Secondly, take your smooth biscuit and some black cake decoration icing and carefully write the word BOO or R.I.P or something tombstone related!

Finally, add a gummy worm to add to the feel!

And your done, all yours to enjoy!


2. Healthy Ghosts and Pumpkins!

if you are into more healthy treats, this is for you!

Ghosts – Simply slice some bananas in half ,add spooky ghost faces with cake decorating icing and there you go!

Pumpkins – these are also very easy to make! all you need to do is get a mandarin and stick about an inch of celery stick in the top!




3. Egg Ghosts!

By far the most simple and EASIEST treat on this list so, all you need to do is grab a hard boiled egg, peel the shell of and simple draw a ghostly face on it with tomato sauce! and that is it! there you have a ghostly egg! perfect for the morning of  Halloween (As breakfast) yum!



That is it for today! Hopefully this helped you get in the festive Halloween mood!                                                                                                                                                                                      BYE for now!


Chocolate mug cake! (In 7 steps)

Copy of Quibbling Siblings (1)

You will need:

– 2 tbsp self raising flour
-2 tbsp cocoa
– 2 tbsp milk

– 2 tbsp caster sugar

– 2 tbsp vegetable oil
– 1 egg
– 1 large mug
– A microwave
Let’s get started!
 Measure out all the ingredients
Mix the flour, sugar, and cocoa together in a mug
mix in the egg, milk and oil    (optional: add a little chunk of milk chocolate in the middle of the mug for a extra chocolaty taste!
 Put your mug in the micro wave and cook on full power for two minutes
Remove the mug from the microwave, CAUTION: it will be hot
Either turn the mug upside down and tap the bottom to get the cake out or eat it straight out of the mug (but remember to wait until it has cooled down before you eat it.)
Now that you have done all that you can simply enjoy your delicious  CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE! (Yum, yum!)

How to Calm Down When You’re Angry

HOT (9)

So, you are either reading this because you’re angry, bored or you want to know how to calm yourself in future, whatever reason – here it is:


step one:
Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds and out through your mouth for 5 seconds, or whatever you feel comfortable.

step two:
Count to 15 and think of happy and relaxing thoughts.

step three:
Punch a soft object (like a a pillow) to release anger.
NEVER punch anything hard   .    NEVER punch a person!

step four:
Take a nap / have a lie down.

step five:
Go outside for fresh air and take a little walk in a place that reminds you of good moments.

If you’re ever feel angry or upset about something more serious, don’t keep it in! Talk to someone, there are loads of people who can help you solve your problem.



Just remember > hundreds of people have gone through or are going through the same stage as you are! You’re not alone, talk to someone.

(Talk to parents, carer, grandparents,other trusted family members, friends, teachers, trusted online friends or whoever you can trust or feel safe with, or                                        doctor, if you don’t really think you have any trusted friends there are loads of online websites that can help you.)



These all my tips! Hope this helped, see you soon!

Moving A LOT

I have moved places a lot and a lot and I would like to tell you about the places I lived in and what it’s like to move house/place as much as me, a lot of you have probably moved house a few times but… belive me I have moved A LOT –    so let’s get going.

first of all, I was born in Germany I then moved to another part of Germany where my brother was born, then… I moved to ANOTHER part of Germany where I first went to school ; I lived there to I was about 5 or 6. Germany is usually pretty warm in Summer and pretty cold in winter! So yeah… And It’s a really nice place to live because there are LOADS of out door swimming pools!

As I was saying I lived in that part of Germany till I was 5 or 6 years old, then I moved again but not to another part of Germany all the way to Switzerland (next to France) – It is extremely hot there  in the summer and and usually very cold at winter so there was a big difference between summer and winter. I lived in a little village and went to a nice little french speaking school, of course – that men’t I had to learn how to speak French, it took me a while but I got there in the end! I had a BEST friend witch I called didi-boo for some strange reason She lives in the UK now but we still keep in touch and we are still best friends. (I do live in U.K)
 any way, so I lived there for about 3 years and the first, or second year my mum managed to persuade my dad to let us have a pet dog, the first time we saw our dog she just a tiny little puff ball of white stuff  she was SO adorable and she still is, I remember the first time she came home with us; She thought that a bit of cotton wool was another dog so she just sat there staring at it and growling until we had to put it some where so that she would stop! Her name is Daphne – I used to want to call her sparkles because of this film I saw with a white dog called that witch I thought looked like that, but now I am happy we called her Daphne not Sparkles!

so any way, I lived there with my mum, dad, brother and Daphne until my dad had to move jobs, (not because he quited or any thing!) So we went to live here, Great Britain. 
I still love it here because my gran lives just down the road
(I am not joking). Oh and another thing the weather here is not as… Sunny as Switzerland.

well thats the end of this article, oh and by the way here is some french for you:

Hello                                      bonjour

my name is…                         je m’appele….

I live in…                                J’habit en… 

and some German:

hello / good day                           Hallo / gutten tag

my name is…                               ich heiste…

I live in…                                       ich lebe in…

well this time it is the end of my article and I hope you enjoyed it!
there should be another article on either today or Friday 26th of july, thanks.

having an author as a mum

what’s it like?

Having a mum as an author is brilliant!
you get to go to book fairs in London and things like that…

what does cat’s brother think about this?

“I think its awesome!”

what inspired you to become an author? :

“well,I always liked writing, and I decided I wanted to share my writing with other people”

Interviewing The Author:

Are you proud of what you have done? : “yeah, I’m very proud!
I was really pleased to be able to hold my book in my hands for the first time”

If you wanted to write another book, what would it be about? :
I’d like to write a book about Blogging or a novel(book of fiction – a story)

If you wrote another book and someone asked you if you would like to get it published and turned in to a film, would you say yes? : ” Yes, that would be fun!”

What’s your favourite book,apart from your own? : Ehmm, im not sure, I don’t really have a favourite book…”

about the book

the name of the book is ‘Learn Twitter in ten minutes’.
It contains a number of chapters including:

-Getting started

-Friends and followers

-First tweets

-Advanced tweeting

-Little twitter helpers


-Using Twitter for business

-How to make the most of Twitter

and the Glossary.

wan’t to know a bit more? Ok, I’ll tell you the blurb:

Confused by Twitter? Not sure what a hashtag is? or a retweet? or Follow Friday?
This handy little book will teach you how get the most out of the world’s fastest-growing social media phenomenon – in just 10 minutes. popular blogger  Lynn C Schreiber provides a solid introduction to Twitter basics, explains the jargon and helps you find friends and followers . Armed with is book, you’ll become an expert tweeter in no time at all.

Don’t forget to check out her blog ;

**Update! This article was made a long time ago, since this my mum has helped write (edit) jumpmag! books. Also check out jumpmag! here:

where did this blog get it’s name?

HOT (7)

hello every body, my name is cat.
I’m eleven years old* and this is my blog.

my mum is a blogger and that’s why I wanted to start my own blog.

I  am half german and half British and this kind of the beginning of the story of how this blog got its name.

Me and my Mum played around with some German food names and some British food names. Bretzeln are a traditional German food and Hot Cross Buns are a traditional British food, so we came up with “Hot Cross Brezel”.

So that’s the story of how this blog got it’s name.



*Update I am now 13